APC Membership Registration : We’ve  Put Adequate Security Measures to Ensure Smooth Exercise – LG Chair 


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Honourable Nasara Rabo Pmape  is the Executive Chairman , Kagarko Local Government Area,Kaduna State. In this interview with group of journalists ,he  speaks on measures put in place the All Progressives Congress at all levels to ensure smooth and hitch-free membership registration and revalidation exercise .Excerpts:

What are your expectations from this exercise ?

We have commenced  the registration as scheduled by the All Progressives Congress headquarters. Yesterday , the party leadership and the seven-man committee received the materials of 113 polling units across the local government .And  this morning,they have  sorted out and  commenced distribution to all the ten wards of the local government .Subsequently ,later in the day ,the five-man committee of the wards will also distribute to their various polling units across the local government area .I can see that the process has been very smooth and peaceful .Lots of people have been having expectation  to be registered and participate fully in the activities of the party .So , we are happy that the long awaited day has come .

Considering the wave of insecurity across Nigeria, what measures have you put in place to ensure a smooth and hitch-free exercise?

You can see heavy security presence outside my office,we involved all security apparatus from the police to Civil Defense and Nigerian Army . We have been mobilised them  to areas of high security threat .We have put all security measures to ensure that those who come to register are safe .

How many ad hoc staff did you engage  for the exercise? 

At the polling units level, we have five-man committee comprising of three males and two females .Then at the ward levels ,we have 5 supervisors to monitor the polling units and collect information on daily basis and here at the local government secretariat ,we have seven-man committee with two women and five men for the exercise .

How long is the exercise going to last ? 
It is going to last for two weeks ,that is fourteen days .

Who pays the ad hoc staff?
All the ad hoc staff would be paid by the party headquarters. At our level ,we have provided 114 photographers to snap and then provide two passport photographs for those who would be registered .We have also provided some logistics  like;  transportation from the state to the local government headquarters and then down to the polling units and then  security cover at each ward . There are some materials which are not part of the items collected by the State such as  the staplers ; the black pen and thumb printing ink .

What has been the membership strength before now and what figure are you expecting after the exercise ?
During the formation of the party in 2014, it was 100 copies of the members registered at each polling unit ,there was a time when there was a window and waiver for people who joined the party thereafter, so, if you multiply 100 by 113 with the other waivers within the local government ,you will have the aggregate figure of APC members in Kagarko local government area .The turnout will determine what kind of strength you will have as votes at your polling units .

We have the the number of registered voters with the INEC. But the strength of our members will determine how we would be able to canvass for votes .

The more members you have at each polling will determine the victory of any party during any election .

What is advice for the Ad hoc staff and members ?

I appeal to the ad hoc staff  to ensure the process is adequately transparent and peaceful . They  have seen that we have been transparent about the exercise from the National level to state and down to local government and ward Levels. So, we expect a high level of transparency at the polling units .Anyone willing to Join APC should be allowed to do so without intimidation .I also want to call on stakeholders nursing idea of hijacking the process for political reasons should desist from doing so .We are not going to joke with this ,anyone caught would be prosecuted . 

The local government election comes up this year , what are the chances of APC to retain power here at Kagarko? 
We believe that God is the ultimate .He His the one ,who gives power. And since we came on board in 2018 ,we have been diligent and focused with concerns for people oriented programmes .What we have done within two years has covered lots of years that PDP was in power .

People are convinced that APC is a party committed to the plights of growth and  development.
And we are not in doubt that the people here  will return APC to power .


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