Reconciliation of APC Factions in Zamfara Strong Message to PDP – Hon.Jaji 


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Gubernatorial aspirant of  All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2019 election in Zamfara State ,  Hon. Aminu Sani-Jaji said the recent reconciliation of  factions in APC  is a clear message to the incumbent Governor and other people holding positions from the state assembly, to the National Assembly and others, that the party  is really ready to reclaim Zamfara State .

The former member of House of Representatives from Kaura-Namoda/Birnin-Magaji of Zamfara State, who was also  the  Chairman , House of Representatives Committee on National Intelligence and Security, further stated , ” The implication of the reconciliation is very simple, in as much as we have reconciled sincerely, understand our differences and ready to manage them well, we are as good as having our State reclaimed from PDP.
In a chat with group of journalists at his Kaduna residence, the APC chieftain explained : ”  Though the journey in respect of the reconciliation started since last year. I can say God has proven me right with what I  said before, that as long as we desire to move our party forward and we care about the people of Zamfara State, we must come back together as one.
 “And that is the reason I took a bold decision in November 2019 by reconciling my position with the former Governor and his faction, so as to manage the perception and the challenges bedeviling our party in our dear State. 
“We are all people of faith; reconciliation is an integral part of our religion and we must abide by that. Apart from that, you can only succeed if you come together.”
He expressed optimism that APC will definitely unseat PDP come 2023 ,”Forget the fact that APC is an opposition party in Zamfara State, we all know that, Zamfara is a stronghold of the APC, but because of the crisis that erupted, in 2018, we lost everything, but we have no regret whatsoever because it was ordained by Allah that such thing must happen, we are only ambassadors of executing God plans and we cannot run away from that. 
” I told the former Governor, Alhaji AbdulAziz Yari Abubakar that, you can provide leadership with interest, but not with sentiment. If you provide leadership with interests, that means your leadership will be accepted by all and sundry, but if you provide leadership with sentiment, I think nobody will accept that. So, he promised to provide good leadership and that is why we all agreed and surrendered to him that, he is the leader of the party.”
On the issue of reconciliation with bandits  in Zamfara and other parts of Nigeria,Hon Jaji  said the decision by the Islamic scholar to meet with the bandits is a welcome development, but said  it takes more than  somebody or an entity or group to canvass for issue of amnesty for bandits.
 He explained , “Reconciliation with the bandits is one of the difficult tasks even for the government. I said it one time that, before you reconcile with people of that character, the fundamental thing you need to know about them is their strength, the motive and the people or the channels that are involved in the crime.
” That means, you need to have a privileged or intelligence information regarding how they operate, how they source materials, how they interact, how they relate and how they engage among others. 

“I saw the way the Sheikh Gummi group were doing it, but for me, it is too local to be accepted ,because there is no way you operate in something like that, there are so many things that need to be involved. 

” If they say they want to agree or they surrender to a scholar or to a group or whatsoever, how many weapons have they surrendered before you? Then, what about the sources of getting this weapons and other things? 
“We should not forget that banditry is now like a business, there are  many chains and many people involved in the business. So, we have to manage them one by one, which an individual or group cannot do, it is only government that can do it. And I said it that, majority of the Governors that are engaging in reconciliation with these bandits, are more political than conventional.
” The decision taken by Sheikh Gumi is good ,but I think there is need for the security agencies and other Governors to come together to conclude what he started, because he has started, he cannot finish it, that is the reality; people that know the intricacies of this banditry, know where I am heading to”.


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