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Abu Mahmud

Last Saturday’s mark another great milestone particularly for APC leaders,caucus leaders, caucus member of the Albasu, Gaya and Ajingi federal constituency as their member in the House of Representatives Hon Abdullahi Mahmud Gaya caught APC party leaders of the constituency unaware with his Special Empowerment Package.

He said the gesture became necessary considering their unflinching support rendered to him in addressing constituents problems and also to appreciate their support in ensuring APC emerged victorious in the 2019 general elections and recently Kano State Local Government election, statung that they deserve the ” AMG’s Special Support Package (SSP)”.

At the event the federal lawmaker highlights some of numerous
achievements since inauguration of the 9th national assembly’s quality representation and touching the lives of many especially downtrodden which their benefited from various economic empowerment, infrastructure, education, health, agriculture and among others

During the current National Assembly, the legislator was able to executed various empowerment programs toward enhancing the well being of the constituents with special attention to women due to their role in the family and society .

Going by his top priority’s in improving Women Economic Development over 1,500 women received N20,000 each as a starts up capital across three local government areas totaling N30,000,000. Mr Gaya also trained 500 women on modern goats rearing with N20,000 as start off capital for each beneficiary totaling N10,000,000. N14m has been disbursed to 600 women after undergone Three days Training and Capacity Building Workshop on Poultry Production and Management. Hundred of sewing machine, hundreds of water bumps machines have been distributed to many people as well.

Constructing 23 motorized boreholes with overhead water tanks at various wards of the constituency at the cost of N437, 000, 000. Toward strengthened the security of lives and properties 163 solar street light provided across the constituency at the cost of N140,400,000. While substantial among of funds provided towards rehabilitated many healthcare facilities across the three local government areas.

Through the Abdullahi Mahmud Gaya Educational Support programme the versatile politician was able to improve the constituency education sector by constructing 3 block of classroom in 23 out 30 wards in the constituency all awaiting commissioning. Others include; 12 Red Brick of 3 Block of classroom at various wards at the cost of N193m while 11 Normal block of 3 classroom cost N156.7m totaling N349,756,000 within the 9th assembly.

He also paid examination fees for final year Senior Secondary School Students seat for either NECO or WAEC examination across the three local government areas as well as Purchased and distributes hundreds of forms for Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). .

Meanwhile, items distributed at the AMG’s Special Support Package (SSP), include Cars each worth of N3M totaling N9m for the three chairman of All Progressive Congress of Ajingi, Gaya and Albasu local government areas N50,000 each to 111 caucus leaders and members totaling N5.550m. 30 sewing Machine, 30 water pump machine, 30 Saloon kits and 30 bicycling and 3 motorcycle totalling N15m aimed at enhancing living standards of the constituents.

Definitely dissecting Hon Mahmud Gaya’s empowerment program in the 9th assembly in review prove to be extra ordinary among his contemporaries and constituents peoples as their commended the lawmaker for taking dividend of democracy to their door step their saying the party is proud and happy with such members who display commitment and sensitive to the yearnings of their constituents.

He has a big dossier of constituency outreach that reflects his close touch with his constituents. He has utilized the opportunity given to him through projects he attracted to his constituency and his name is registered in the heart of his people. He is truly a representative of the people going by the amount of work he was able to do for the overall benefit of his constituents.

In fact, it worth elucidating that a banker turned parliamentarian has overcome all manner of obstacles ranged on his path. Hon Abdullahi Mahmud Gaya was able to touch the lives of the people of constituency, and Kano state at large in his years of legislative stewardship.

Hon Abdullahi Mahmud Gaya’s a promises are never taken for granted as are astonishingly translated into action for the good of the people and a politician with such clout and driving spirit coupled with extraordinary zeal, determination, and political sagacity to improved his constituent’s peoples.

He is a rare humanist Politician whose actions are exceptional gifts that any societies would crave to benefit from. A kind of politician that defining and exhibiting what a humanist and
progressive politician should be

Wrote in from Kano can be reached at abumahmud@gmail.com


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