Time to heal Nigeria, Uba Sani urges, in Easter message


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The Senator representing Kaduna Central of Kaduna State, Uba Sani has called on Christians in the country to see Easter celebration as the period to pray for the healing of the nation because it is at the crossroads, facing huge economic and security challenges.

In an Easter message to the people, the lawmaker noted that communities have been torn apart by strife, and many have resigned to fate.l

He however, encouraged Nigerians not to give up hope for better tomorrow, adding that it is time for all stakeholders to rise up and take measures to heal the country of insecurity.

Senator Uba Sani also used the Easter period to praise President Muhammadu Buhari and governor Nasir El-rufai of Kaduna State for their commitment towards ending insurgency, banditry, and Kidnapping.

“Easter celebration offers us a great opportunity to take a critical look at our lives and the life of our dear nation. It is a time to draw lessons from the exemplary life of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was humiliated, scorned, condemned and was crucified. He laid down his life for the salvation of his people. Jesus Christ in his earthly ministry was unwavering in standing for the truth, justice and equity. He did not discriminate. He had compassion for the poor. He risked his life to defend the vulnerable.

“Despite the travails of Jesus Christ, he harboured no hate in his heart. He forgave his traducers. He gave his life so that the land of Israel and its people will be healed. He gave his life so that peace can prevail.

“Our dear nation Nigeria is at the crossroads. We are facing huge economic and security challenges. Communities have been torn apart by strife. Conflict entrepreneurs are holding us by the jugular. Their foot soldiers have been maiming our people and destroying properties. Fear has enveloped Nigeria. Many have resigned to fate. But we must not give up hope.

“This is the time for all stakeholders to rise up and take measures to heal our dear country. Let’s make it clear to agents of destabilization that we are one people and are better and greater together. Let us seize the initiative, move into our respective communities and preach the message of peace and hope to our people.

“We must change the narrative and carefully isolate the criminal elements in our midst. Let it be a huge and extensive campaign for moral rearmament. We must restore the confidence of the people. Restoration of their self – belief is a key step towards their mobilization to resist criminal elements.

“Once we capture the hearts and minds of our people, we would have effectively blocked the sources of recruitment for insurgency, kidnapping and banditry. If our communities reassert themselves and peace returns, genuine drive for development can resume.

“We must continue to support our dear President, Muhammadu Buhari and the dynamic and resourceful Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai as they forge ahead with the battle against insurgency, kidnapping, banditry and other forms of criminality. We must continue to furnish security agencies with vital intelligence information. If we all do our bits and remain united, we shall overcome our insecurity challenges.

“I wish to extend my very warm felicitations to our dear Christian Brothers and Sisters on the joyous occasion of Easter. We thank the good Lord for seeing you through the Lenten period. You have been spiritually and physically fortified to continue the journey of life.

“I salute my resilient and ever supportive constituents, the good people of Kaduna Central Senatorial District. I remain committed to your welfare and security. You have been the targets of agents of destabilization. But security agencies have stepped up their game. Peace will surely return to our politically and economically strategic zone”. Senator Sani said.


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