Kaduna LG Primaries: Jema’a APC Members ,Appeal for Free , Fair Process


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Some members of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Jema’a local government area of Kaduna State have appealed to the Party executives in the Local and State level to ensure that the Party’s Chairmanship primary election, is conducted in a free and fair atmosphere.

Cross section of members who spoke to newsmen after casting their votes, stated that some elements have developed interest on particular candidates and as a result, want to imposed them on the electorates

The allegations came at the wake of the situation of the inability of the primaries to hold last Saturday in the local government over some challenges which prompted them to suspect plans of some abnormalities.

One of the person who spoke to Newsmen Alhaji Tajin. Mijinyawa appealed to the party executives in the state to ensure that the people’s choice should carry the mandate of the party in the forthcoming Kaduna state local government election.

According to him, imposing any candidate on the people and denying them opportunity to. select the candidate of their choice in the forthcoming Kaduna Local government election will pose a threat to the Party’s landslide victory.

He said it is not fair for a candidate to follow all the due process stipulated by the party, spend his time and resources to vie for something of his dream, just to be denied that opportunity owing to the fact that some people have interest.

Another member observed that the Party has been formed on a foundation of equity justice and integrity, which for many years has been exhibited, against which backdrop he appealed for the justification of fairness in this case. He then pledged their unflinching support to any candidate that would be selected in a free and fair election any time the need arises.

A woman supporter of the Party who also spoke said, card carrying members in their numbers mostly women, have left their homes or businesses and thronged their voting points for two days, but have to go back home disappointed without discharging their civic rights of selecting the candidate of their choice, owing to the unavailability of voting materials, while news going round stated that, the primaries have been conducted in other local government areas.

She said despite the fact that the election did not take take place as earlier scheduled on Saturday, still people are struggling to go and vote candidates of their choice, was an indication that they have passion to select leaders that would give them good and quality leadership.

However, the Chairman of the Party Jema’a local government area Alhaji. Ibrahim. Kolo. said modalities for a free and fair election has been concluded and is assuring all not to nurse any fear of any abnormality.

He revealed that the Executive Governor of Kaduna State has instructed that the people should be allowed to vote candidates of their choose, against which backdrop he assured all registered members to go and vote those they want to. lead them.



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