Alleged Human Rights Violation: CSOs Warn Against Attempts to Blackmail Proprietor of Brekete Radio
…says Ahmed Isah remains Voice for the Voiceless 


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Coalition Of Concerned Civil Society Organisation In Nigerian has come out strongly in defense of the proprietor of Brekete Radio ,Ahmed Isah over the recent BBC report accusing of human rights violation of lady during a life programme has warned against any attempt by some big shots to Blackmail .

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According to the Coalition , the ongoing Conspiracy theory, orchestrated by the oppressors of the masses otherwise tag conspirators who are ganging up to silence the only voice of the voiceless Nigerians would be vehemently resisted.

The Coalition of CSOs noted , “It’s never in question the impact and role of Brekete family who host daily program on Human Rights Right radio, where issues of injustice against human and humanity are placed for public and authorities attention for immediate remedy and justice to the oppressed.

“While numerous families, Individuals and cooperate/public entities have used the platform to secure justice against their respective oppressors, the platform is the most celebrated public court of competent jurisdiction with technical know how of alternative dispute resolution cum contact and network a cross all aspect of law enforcement agencies cum Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies often used to secure clarification and backing for all cases presented before her panel.”

Speaking during a press conference held at Arewa House , Kaduna on Friday on alleged attempts to Blackmail and silence the only Voice of the Voiceless , Ahmed Isa ,  the Spokesperson, Coalition Of Concerned Civil Society Organisation In Nigerian,Comrade Abdulsalam Mohammed Kazeem said ,” It’s on record that human right radio which hosts Brekete family daily program have won more cases for Nigeria citizens than National Human Rights Commission and Nigeria Police Force combined in the recent time.

He pointed out that the recent imbroglio of assault by the anchor the Ordinary President Ahmed Isah ,who lost battle of emotional control to anger occasion by the gravity of the inhuman act of the devilish animal in human skin which resulted to 2 dirty slap on the face of the alleged attempt murder suspect who deliberately tie down and wet her older brother daughter with kerosene and ignite her with fire is not enough reason to blackmail the human right Activist the ordinary president Ahmed Isah to silence at any rate.

He further stated , ” It beats  our imagination that some set of oppressors could think of conspiring by hiding under this cheap incidence to call for cancellation of Brekete family program and disband of human right radio on Nigeria frequency airwave.”

He however asked , ” where are these faceless, shameless, unpatriotic and idiotic entities of conspirators when a serving Senator of the National Assembly slapped a female sales rep in a sex toy shop, we asked if they request his sack as member of national assembly nor sentence him to exile on national media platforms?
While stating that the hypocrisy must stop and Nigeria Citizen must rise to defend her one and only voice from being silence by the oppressors,he said ,”It is  now clear that those castigating the ordinary president Ahmed Isah and pushing devilishly for the disband of his program on airwave are those who his court of public opinion have slammed hammer of justice in the recent and past.

“In as much as we are not in support of direct assault and molestation of individuals by any one irrespective of his or her position or class, it become understandable when he the ordinary president tender open apology despite the victim of the assault deserve more than a slap for her alleged devilish act.

“We least expect this matter to become a ration for any individual, government or cooperate bodies to call for disband of Brekete family program and her human right radio on Nigeria airwave. 

” It become sadden to hear the attempt of the ordinary president Ahmed Isah to be cowed by the conspirators and ever thought of giving in for the enemy of the masses’ plan to end the only channel that give Nigerians masses access to justice.
“The Ordinary president Ahmed Isah must clearly understand that the service on human right radio is service to Nigerian masses and humanity not twitter or Facebook users nor any authority, he must then choose to listen to Nigerian masses not elites who are the capitalist and oppressors.

” Ordinary President Ahmed Isa should know that Nigerians have spoken and their voices should be his guide as it represents the supreme voice of the masses which is indirectly the reflection of voice of Almighty God.

“Brekete family program for any reason must not be stopped, the ordinary president Ahmed Isah should as a matter of urgency jettison any plan or thought to stop the program.

“Any attempt to go contrary to the wish and decision of the Masses as contain on this position, the Ordinary President Ahmed Isa will be declare persona non grata on Nigeria soil.
“Above is the verdict of voiceless Nigerians whom are direct beneficiaries of Brekete family and human right radio.

“THE ORDINARY PRESIDENT Ahmed Isah should now make his choice within 48 hours.

“Listen to oppressor to stop the program and quit Nigeria shore  or listen to the masses, continue the program and enjoy the continue unflinching support and solidarity of Nigerian masses. Don’t fall victim to the campaign against your cherished good services to oppressed Nigerians by Foreign media services and their local cohorts.

“We have equally volunteers to raise competent lawyers (37 SAN) to take up legal action in defence of the ordinary president should incase the devilish attempt murder suspect who was a victim of assault (slapped) by the ordinary president refuse to accept the open apology earlier tenders, she may approach the court to seek legal redress for the case, our legal team shall meet hers’ up. 

“We are more than sure with confidence that she will also rotten in jail after the assault matter is exhausted when the attempt murder is established.

“Fellow Nigerians let’s not be victims of enemies of freedom, Justice, fairplay and peace.”



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