Kaduna Govt. Commends NASFAT over  Sustained Empowerment Programmes 


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The Kaduna State Government has commended NASFAT Kaduna branch for it’s continuous contribution to uplift the well being of citizens through its empowerment programme.  

This commendation was given through the Director General, Bureau of Interfaith Kaduna,  Mallam Jemilu Albani represented by Mallam Tahiru Baba Ibrahim during the society’s 2021 Zakat/ Sadaqat’s distribution exercise held at NASFAT Mosque on Sunday,  6th June,  2021.

 In his speech, the Director General had described NASFAT Society as always been at the forefront of promoting Islamic activities .

Their wonderful  programmes he said is in accordance to the teachings of lslam and a force to be reckoned with.  

Acknowledging the impact of such contributions (empowerment programme) on the part of the beneficiaries, he called on other societies to emulate NASFAT as that would not only contribute to the growth of individuals but also assist the government in its bid to solving unemployment problem in the state. 
The Muslim Umah needs to wake up to the responsibilities of being their brothers keeper.  He urged. 

” It is a clear evidence that the Muslim community is faced with  challenges.  With regards to Zakat, why is it that Muslim communities are at disadvantage?  This shows that the Muslims have neglected this beautiful  injunction that helps to eradicate poverty in the community.

“What NASFAT is doing, if other Islamic organizations emulate them,  it will  surely help in eliminating poverty in our Muslim communities. 

“This kind of arrangement (initiative)made by NASFAT is the best because  it will make the beneficiaries self reliance”.Giving the beneficiaries money he sees as going to defeat the purpose as some might divert it for something  else.  

Malaam Tahiru Baba Ibrahim was accompanied  by the Kaduna Secretary General, Sultan Bello Mosque,  Zakat Committee, Dr.  Khalid Abubakar  Aliyu to witness the event.

While wishing the beneficiaries a successfully utilization  of the items,  he wished the Missionary board success in their activities saying, Kaduna State had five standing committees when it came to power of which Zakat committee is one.  

NASFAT he said is the only organization that is keeping abreast with directives and that Kaduna State government is proud of NASFAT. 
In his brief, the Chairman, NASFAT Zakat/Sadaqat Committee Ustaz Abdul explained that out of 73 letters received by the committee, 24 letters  were screened  and successful. 

He said this year’s empowerment programme is the 5th and that with more awareness, the committee has recorded an increase in donation.
“The idea to float a Zakkat/Sadaqah committee was borne out of the need to revive one of the most neglected pillars of Islam.Our objective is to provide topmost Zakkat assessment, collection and distribution to deserving vulnerable individuals who are either members of NASFAT or non-members. 

This is in line with Quran 9:60.NASFAT Kaduna with a very vibrant and robust team has intervened in no small measure in the areas of health, educational access, Sadaqatul jariya to orphans, widows, visitation to IDP campand youth empowerment are also included in the overall arrangement.
Distinguished, Brothers and sisters in Islam, this empowerment program is the fifth in the series.

This is not to say that there were no such programs in the past even with the empowerment committee. The Zakkat/Sadaqah team has successfully upgraded the whole idea into what we are all witnessing today.
In 2020 alone, we received no fewer than 68 letters requesting for assistance with available Zakkat/ Sadaqah fund received about N1,750,000 million naira. Only 23 vulnerable benefited from the fund, while 50% of the fund was given to NASFAT Kaduna Branch for School andMosque development.

2021, Kaduna branch NASFAT Zakkat/ Sadaqah were able to generate N4,409.729.23 naira, with 73 letters of requests received by the committee out of which 24 letters were treated.
As our usual practice, NASFAT Kaduna Education Board and health committee were also taken care of in expansion and resources.
Aso, a succor came to the NASFAT School Pupils through one of our donor which led to the provision of note books.

From the committee findings, we realized that the School is having approximately 288pupils.
therefore 1800 (40leavea) note books was produced to be distributed. Each child is to receive 6 note books fee of charge. May Allah bless all our donors.

These Items that will be given to beneficiaries today include but not limited to the followingDeep Freezers, Industrial Design Machines, Sewing Machines, Provisions, Payment of debtSchool fees, amongst others.
“The aim of distributing these items is to reawaken the commandment of Allah SWT and Sunnah of His Messenger. Through Zakkat/Sadaqah we will have been able to bridge the gap between the
rich and less privileged in the Society.He emphasized.
As members of Zakat Committee, we have pledged  to discharge  our duties with the fear of Allah.  He added. 
NASFAT Zonal Chairman, Alhaji Kabir Inuwa Bello while acknowledging the efforts of members of Zakat committee had in his keynote address charged Muslims  to cultivate the habit of giving  Zakat. He said, 

“Zakkat (alms) is one of the five pillars of Islam, its importance can berealized from the fact that in 82 verses of the Qurian, Zakkat isassociated with prayers (Salat).Example: “Establish regular prayer and give Zakat, and obey Allahand His Messenger (Qurian 33 verse 33)”If social justice and compassion of fellow humans who aredisadvantaged is one of the central themes in the message of Allahto humanity, then it is no wonder that Zakkat, like prayer and fastingwas also enjoined upon the people of the past.
The importance of Zakkat can never be over emphoasized. He stated. 
Aside the fact that giving of Zakat helps in keeping one away from sin and saves the giver from the moral ill arising from the love and greed of wealth is the caring for widows, orphans, disabled, the needy and the destitute.Alhaji Inuwa commended the committee’s commitments and transparency.
He prayed for the donors while urging the beneficiaries to make judicious use of the items given so that by next year they will be amongst the giver of Zakat. 

Speaking on the effects of Zakat on the donor and the receiver, NASFAT Kaduna Zonal Misionary/Kaduna Branch Imam,  Imam Marooph Muh’d Raji emphasized  the need for eligible Muslims to inculcate the habit of giving Zakat as it attracts  lots of benefits. People should not always look forward  to receiving  Zakat but to also aspire to be a donor. He encouraged.

“The main objective of Zakat is to achieve social economic justice. The essence is to balance the society, eliminate social differences. 
Zakat is a compulsory charity which the rich is to pay to help the poor and the needy.
To the donor, Zakat is increment of wealth and blessings. (Q9, verse 123). Quran  says, take from their wealth so that they can be purified. 
Payment of Zakat purifies the heart of the donor . That is, giving 2.5 percent each year from your wealth to the poor.
“Such act brings the donor closer to God. 
It is encouraged that one gives Zakat The hand that is giving is better than the one that is receiving. Why don’t  you be amongst those giving? You need to be positive so that our lives can be positive”.  He called. 
“To the beneficiaries is the extension of love.  Zakat promotes love,  cures hatred.As Muslims, we can support one another for people to be comfortable. Zakat helps in building unity.” 
Still explaining,  he said,  Zakat is not like Sadaqat, you don’t  give what you want as Zakat or to who you want because everything  is specified in the Quran. 
“Quran describes those who give Zakat as successful. As for those who have and do not give, they are not successful. Such persons will be facing difficulties.Supporting others is of good conduct for their lives and kiyama (hereafter) will be ease for them. Let’s strive to be a giver not a receiver”. He encouraged. 
Praying for the donors, Imam Marooph  urged Muslims to support one another rather than waiting for government in order that people can be comfortable. Allah he said has given opportunity to those who cannot  give Zakat  to give Sadaqah.
Earlier in his opening  remark,  the Kaduna  NASFAT  Branch Chairman,  Engr. Muhyideen Alimi Yusuf appreciating Zakat’s Committee’s doggedness in its bid to ensuring proper collection of funds said their intervention has in no small measure given the health, mosques and school projects a boost.
According to him,  the empowerment  programme  since its inception has helped in providing sadaqatul jariya to orphans, widows, youth empowerment as well as visitation to IDP camp.
Yusuf enjoined those who are yet to pay their Zakat to do so as its attracts a lot of benefit.  

Items distributed includes,  industrial machine, deep freezers sewing machines and  others.  
Items given are usually according to individuals trade and request.


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