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I was highly elated today, Friday, when my former boss at New Nigerian Newspapers Limited Kaduna, Mr. Mike Olaseni Reis called me over phone to congratulate me for my initiative by veering into entrepreneurship in the area of service and prayed for my success in this human endeavour.

Before him, there were several others who expressed their delight as well, after which they offered me prayers for success including another former boss of mine, Mr. Godwin Njoku.
I am indeed a product of various experiences in life having been an orphan, according Islamic principles, at nearly two years. I went through the crucible of life to know the bitterness and sweetness of living.
I however went into Journalism to make a career and throughout the period I spent in the profession, I never believed it was avenue for money making. God helped me through thick and thin and I spent life in six newsrooms of reputable media organizations, well focused and willing to make the necessary sacrifices that will enable me to get up the ladder reasonably.
Hajiya Aisha Abdulkadir, who retired from Kaduna Polytechnic Clinic after a meritorious service in the nursing profession, knew me more than 20 years as a journalist and kept tab on me.

In her remark,after reading on my Facebook wall that I am now a dry cleaner said the action I took would encourage the young ones to do the needful as the nation’s economy has transformed considerably.

She is now nudging an idea to me in relation to Connecting People which is the in- thing. Hope the idea will sink sooner than later.
But, believe you me sincerely I thoroughly enjoy myself in what I am doing because it has to do with ‘looking good’ and to me ‘looking good is a good business’.

Each time, I see my clients adorning what I have done for them in my community I feel fulfilled.
This business is not a let down for me but an opportunity to be a big-time manager in human resources and materials having answered “Yes sir” for too long in my career first as a school teacher and a journalist.

I thank all those who responded positively and those who made caricature of me like my former schoolmate, Abdulsalam Ahmed Usman. I hope he has retired from Kwara State Civil Service and found something to do elsewhere.

The worst that can happen to any man or woman is to live a life of idleness when opportunities abound in many areas of human endeavour.

When they are talking of CEOs in the private sector I can now stand and be counted, having registered two enterprises in education and laundry.

To Allah be the Glory in the highest.
I now know the pain of sourcing for money to pay salaries of my staff and dishing out orders which must be carried out to specification.


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