Adamawa APC vs PDP: Kumangar is the official “blunder” in Fintiri’s govt- Bilal counter replies


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There seem to be squabbles reply and counter replies as a result of the Democracy day celebration by the Adamawa state All Progressives (APC) Congress last weekend.

During the meeting, the APC through a compendium had displayed the achievements and performance of the federal government and its elected representatives.

The APC interim caretaker committee chairman, Alhaji Ibrahim Bilal in confidence reiterated that APC political elected office holders have performed well in terms of representation, service delivery, and projects of all types to the people of Adamawa more than the state government under the leadership of Rt Hon Ahmadu Fintiri.

The position of the APC regards performance attracted the reply of Governor Ahmadu’s Director of Media and communication, Mr. Solomon Kumangar, and said that Alhaji Bilal is a cash and carry chairman, displaying his ignorance and unlettered mentality of giving out the party to the highest bidder.

Kumangar in his own words said:” Bilal, by this action, exposed his ignorance and his cash and carried mentality that makes him ascribed leadership of the party in the State to the highest bidder that best finance him and members of the SWC in Adamawa.
“it is a known fact that most APC stalwarts from Adamawa state visited and even commissioned laudable projects initiated by the Fintiri’s administration.

“Do we need to remind Bilal that the FCT minister was here to commissioned projects penultimate week, or do we also need to remind him that he eulogized the governor for practical governance under his watch as governor?

“Most APC political officer holders and political appointees from the State pours encomium on the governor for transforming the State, one wonder who must have furnished the pocket of the caretaker chairman, Bilal, to go public and advertise his ignorance.

“Bilal should as a matter of urgent importance, conduct himself in a manner befitting a party chairman especially in public places and stop advertising his unlettered character in public.”

Ibrahim in an interview with his spokesman, Hon Usman Mohammed Alam countered the reply of Governor Fintiri’s aide (Kumangar) and emphatically stated that APC elected representatives have performed far better than the Adamawa government.

According to him, it is a fact and figure , unsealed records for all to see not a jamboree of what the present government is doing to the people of Adamawa state.

He said it’s unfortunate that the government of Adamawa has hired unfortunate Man who is in diminishing value as its aide that does not know how to talk on issues raised but went on personal attacks because he lacks the wherewithal.

According to him, Solomon is the “unfortunate official blunder idling away by giving the government his beer parlor image-making.”

He said no wonder the government of the day are always on the bad news, negative reports created by the government officials like Kumangar.

“I thought Mr. Kumangar is going to attack my Boss on issues raised on what he highlighted as an achievement of APC elected political office holder, but he derailed and went on personal attacks on the personality of my Boss.

” I’m not surprise anyway, what do you expect? Solomon is a frustrating element of which the Governor has demoted knowing his worthless attitudes, he does not and cannot add value to the government is eating fat on. This is a man who can’t differentiate between black and white, even the voice of his Boss he cannot recognize if you remember the palliative saga, when he was saying that it was nit Governor Ahmadu’s Voice arguing with Hussaini Gambo.

“It’s really unfortunate the Governor has hired Solomon who is a known sponge bibber i must say, he is not having the good attributes of a good image maker at all. He only good at flaming up issues of governance as a Bacchanalian. Portraying the government in a bad light all the time.

” I expected Mr. Solomon to give the Government’s view of what APC has highlighted as achievements, I expected him to tell Adamawa people the true story if APC is laying.

“You can see he is a blunder, instead of him defending the government on issues raised, but went off-balanced on issues attacking a personality of Bilal. I pity the government for allowing such an element adding salt to a serious injury, devaluating the rotten system with his archaic mentality.

“I want to categorically say that my Boss is standing on his words, he has no any regret whatsoever he said, over his last statements he said with no fear or favor that our APC representatives have performed well than the state government in their two years of stewardship,” Alam said

He admitted that Ahmadu is the Governor of Adamawa state and they are respecting him that is why they do not attack his person rather talk on issues of governance.

He advised that the Governor should not allow Solomon to be battering and laundering his image as in many occasions has shown he cannot be a good spokesman and he does not represent him well.



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