NiMet  Trains  Staff on Essentials  of Performance Management System


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By Femi Adi

In a bid enhance performance and output of its staff , Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) has organised  training programme for management staff on its first  “Essentials in Performance Management” .

In his opening remarks  during the opening ceremony held at Bafra Hotel, Kaduna the Director General and Chief Executive Officer of NiMet and Permanent Representative of Nigeria with WMO Professor Mansur Bako  Matazu said the training is designed to sustain NiMet operations and services with clear visibility and performance management system (PMS) implementation within the agency ,which according to “is pivotal” .

Director General and Chief Executive Officer of NiMet and Permanent Representative of Nigeria with WMO Professor Mansur Bako  Matazu speaking during the training program held at Bafra Hotel , Kaduna

While stating that, ” The second longest serving Chief Executive of the Agency as at today ,began the process of PMS implementation in 2006 with training for it’s management staff at Ibeto Hotel ,Guru District ,Abuja , the NiMet Boss emphasised, ”  PMS implementation is in line with the Policy Thrust of the Agency, in which inter alia:  institutionalising PMS, improvement of staff welfare for enhanced productivity,sustaining training, re-training and capacity building of all staff,enhancement of quality of our service delivery.

He further said the training will help , ” Improved product development to further enhance NiMet’s relevance,digitisation and automation of data, records, and processes for efficient workflow within the Agency, continuous expansion and upgrade of existing network of stations, effective partnership and collaborations for valued added services,are the deliverables.

However, he maintained  that it is expedient for NiMet  to revisit PMS implementation in the Agency with a view to promoting efficiency, job satisfaction, discipline, result-driven workforce, among others.
He further explained, “Performance Management Systems (PMS) is the continuous process of improving organisational performance by setting individual and team goals which are aligned to the strategic goals of the organisation. It involves planning, reviewing, and assessing progress and developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the people. 

“For us in Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet), it is the process through which the Agency aligns its mission, goals, and objectives with available resources such as manpower, material, finance etc. within the system to set achievable prioritised targets.”

On benefits of Performance Management System in the agency , Professor Matazu  said it helps to ;  ” Identify skills and knowledge gaps of employees to improvise them through trainings, coaching and mentoring systems; motivate employees to take new challenges and innovate, provide opportunities for employees to grow and develop their professional career , defuse grievances and conflicts among team members throughprofessional careers, proper performance evaluation system.” 

He equally said it helps to assess employee’s performance fairly and accurately against the performance targets and standards ; enable employees to offer better results arising from clarity of their performance targets ,provide platforms to discuss, develop and design the individual and performance targets, departmental goals, identify under-performer through performance reviews with a view, quantify learning needs through individual development plans, to raise  skills levels objectively and easy performance tracking through automation.


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