Youth Participation: Why The Youth are The Third Force Political Movement Of The Future- By Dr Gora


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By Dr Philemon Ibrahim Gora
Initiator Of N-PAS
Monday June 28,2021

focuses on the role of governance in fostering the relationship between youth and public institutions. After a general deterioration in the aftermath of the 2021 financial crisis, trust in public institutions, representation in decision-making and political efficacy remain low among young people.

At the same time, youth should be vocal in the public debate through non-institutionalised channels of participation. Re-building their trust and enhancing their participation in decision-making remain crucial in order to ensure the resilience, effectiveness and long-term legitimacy of public institutions and to achieve more sustainable policies in response to global transformations and shocks.

Building a strong relationship to ensure resilience and effectiveness
Less than half of young people expressed confidence in their national government .

Youth also tend to join political parties and participate in elections less than their older peers: 68% of young people go to the polls compared to 85% of people over 54 on average in Nigeria.

The representation of youth in state institutions also remains limited with an average representation gap of 12 percentage points between the share of members of lower houses of parliament under the age of 40 (22%) and the share of people aged 20-39 in the population over 20 years of age (34%).

Among the surveyed N-PAS did recently,ministries in charge of youth affairs, only 26% of the staff is under the age of 34 on average

At the same time, young people demonstrate agency in the public sphere. From online campaigns raising awareness about violence against women to social movements fighting inequality, racial discrimination and climate change, young people actively participate in the public debate through non-institutionalised channels.

In more than half of Nigeria for which data is available, young people are less likely than older people to feel to have a say on what the government does .

” In fact, research by N-PAS finds that a third Force Political Movement will make the prefer good for the People if the youth get involved”

“Youth stakeholders should be interested in Political participation to affect the narrative positive and this should include individuals, regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, religious and political affiliations; and institutions and organisations, whether governmental or non-governmental, from civil society, academia, the media or the private sector the youth must show interest.


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