SGF Boss is not a good politician, his allies are dying in sickness-Adamawa politician worries


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Alhaji Umar Bello Jada (Calculate) who recently decamped to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) from the All Progressives Congress (APC) has accused the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Mr. Boss Mustapha a bad politician who does not know how to reward his political allies despite their unreserved loyalty over the years.

According to him, the people of Adamawa have been supporting Mustapha since the time he was in the Social Democratic Party (SDP) over thirty years ago but the tendencies of being good to those that supported his political journey to his present day’s position are nothing to write home about.

Calculate recalled how one Hamza Gemu, Mustapha’s campaign hitman who served him faithfully during his his aspirations days to become the Governor of Adamawa state has being forgotten as a used and dumped political empty vessel.

He worried that Gemu is lying sick at the point of death but no single help come from Boss to help him foot the hospital bills despite occupying the exalted office of the SGF.

“This was the man in those that was doing all form of Campaign propaganda for Boss, canvasing votes from all the tribes in Adamawa, traveling here and there telling people that Boss Mustapha is a good man who will make sure everyone enjoy his government.

” This is the same Man that Boss could not pay him back for good, is laying sick struggling to pay his hospital bill and the SGF is watching him dying a puppet Man With no sense of humor from this we all thought is the messiah that will liberate our people, it’s so bad that he can not remember this kind of people, I’m really disappointed in Boss.” Calculate said

Umar in an interview with this medium said no SGF enjoys free license to operate like Boss, President Muhammadu Buhari has given him the latitudes and the longitudes to work, as politicians we are only seeing less of what we being expecting from him.

“Boss Mustapha has been given a free hand to operate but has not empowered anybody, he doesn’t pick up calls from anybody, not even the Adamawa stakeholders either you are a former, Senator or whatever he picks their calls unless if he wants to talk to you that’s when he will call you. For how long will this continue? He is a politician and he keeps running away from people? No is too bad of him I must say.

“You can look at it this way, We don’t have a President in the North East, we don’t have a Vice President, we hold the biggest office, the office SGF that is well funded by the Presidency but is becoming a wasted office to the people of North East, most especially to the people of Adamawa state.

“He has been into politics for over thirty years but doesn’t want to help anyone, his only agenda now is working tooth and nail sponsoring his younger brother, Wafarinyi Theman Dallatu to be the next Governor of Adamawa.

His followers in politics right from the time of SDP alongside Bala Takaya down the time of his PDP days, his nomination in APC nobody has been given one political help or the order and a rational person will not react to his unkind attitudes?

” As a matter of emphasis and a way of saying my own truth, Boss’ political shining days are over, in politics people are the ladders you climb up to whatever you will go to. He lost them all in Adamawa state, as talking to you, he can’t help anybody or a support a particular candidate to win an election because he is a worse politician with less impactful followers, his large heart of support is nothing more than zero.

“Let me remind you that Boss was in those days seen as a messiah to liberate the people, during his campaign days wanting to be Governor of Adamawa state is always describe the likes of Atiku Abubakar corrupt politicians who can not help anyone, only want to enrich themselves for the immediate families.

” Today Boss has shown us is worse than all of them, Bubari allowed him to operate in full gears in this administration but he has refused to help politicians who have served him and still loyal to him. No is not being fair to many people out there.

“The over ten thousand board members under his control as the SGF are laying wasted, is not reaching out to people and people are not reaching out to him.

” Let me recall his memory that there is going to be time for him to leave the office and he will come back to us as an ordinary man because many were there and leave with history remembering them for good or bad.

“Anyway, he has killed his political shining glory, his days to shine are over as no one in Adamawa can give him the loyalty of a good politician. You can see how it ended up in the last election. President Mohammadu Buhari failed in his local government, he got worse votes in his polling unit, worse of it all he can’t return Former Governor Mohammadu Jibrilla Bindo because of his political failing abilities.

Let me even tell you that the Man is not even supporting the APC party in Adamawa state. As I said before, his political days are over no one will support him again I assure you this, we can’t in Adamawa, we are no longer interested in his kind of politics, we have seen him a selfish politicians all these years.” Calculate worried


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