Grace: A suitable Woman for 2023 Adamawa Southern Zone


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No doubt, indeed the assertion is true that Adamawa state is the land of beauty to the Nation is a fact beyond a mere slogan. It’s land endowed with so many beautiful scenes that Nature brought to be in many parts of the state. It’s endowed with the beauty of humanity. It’s a blessed land with many ethnic groups (Tribes). The people are uniquely different with enormous potentials of excellence in many areas of endeavors, leadership inclusive.

Suffice it to say that there is yet another Woman, one of her kind personality, one Woman who is exceptionally beautiful inside out, she is an embodiment of talent and a host unto good works. Great philanthropist, a leader of excellence, political transformer whose legislative experience is far the description of this platform. An international business Mogul spanning many years of hard work. I’m glad to bring to your notice that Senator Grace Folashade Jackson Bent stands out, She is another Adamawa good woman whose leadership potentials are yet to be harnessed in fullness. My Little worries therefore is that this Woman is allowed to move freely without placing on her shoulders much higher leadership responsibility. Could it be that somebody is not seeing what I’m seeing? I’m seeing a blazing, brazing, and plausible rank of leadership on Mrs Jackson. This is the Woman with historic legislative service to Nigerians to had represented the people of Adamawa Southern (2007-2011,) at the National Assembly and reformed the assembly with many bills, laws and oversight functions for the good of all Nigerians. She was and still the pride of Adamawa state and many Nigerians are fun of her.

Adamawa Southern Senatorial District got a talent, got an exceptional Woman whose ingenuity is for selfless service, she is wired with perfect ability to serve the people of Adamawa State at all levels, Nigerians by extension to unleash her many vast experience.

Goggo Grace as she is friendly call, she Is an international business tycoon Woman, a philanthropist is on constant touch with the constituents , her watersheds developmental projects, humanitarian services to the area for many years have said it all that she can be a far good representative considering her past legislative performance. Bent has never relent or tire of giving herself for the sake of her people. A life she considered worthy of living, a service she consider a called to serve people for God’s sake.

In and outside her constituency she has done what many described as humanitarian projects to the state. Her performance are now a reference point for others to borrow a clue of good leadership in Adamawa state.

The water projects constructed free of charge in many Adamawa communities, Grace while in government in her capacity as the senator representing Adamawa Southern zone has created many jobs for the people and facilitated, influenced secular jobs to many young people across Shelleng, Guyuk, Demsa, Lamurde, Numan, Mayo Belwa, Jada, Ganye and Toungo, the local government areas under the southern zoke is worth commendable.

Goggo is one Woman politician that can never be into political Reckless gambling as far as Adamawa state is concerned, she is a core politician who knows the game in total, she believes in grassroots politics, it has made her a woman with the people’s mandate. Bent is a cooked, a thorough breed, and cum laude of leadership. Calling her to serve again the people of Adamawa and Nigeria in a high pedestrian is going to be an untold glory of the state in a more define way. This is the best of it all the decision the people of the State can ever take in an effort to salvage the dwelling economy of Adamawa and Nigeria in terms of developmental strides.

The ever-ready and preparedness to take Adamawa South from the woods, the brooks of stagnant waters of a yearning better leadership, she went to international school, she earned strategic training, courses in leadership and service to humanity. She traveled a lot for business and leadership purposes in making sure humanity enjoy the blessings of God over her life.

May I make an observable fact that Adamawa state is fortunate to have the likes of Jackson who by nature is not a Woman that’s good in blowing out her trumpet. By working close to her I realized that she owned it all, regarding who will save the State from years of leadership bastardization, another junky year of nepotism, enmeshing wealth for personal use, and aggrandizement glory over the electorates who entrusted people with the power to lead and to govern.

This is why she is far away apart. Uniquely different from others who are grasping for power. The system is saturated with people who are majorly after their gains. The System is bad with leaders who do not know what is leadership and service to humanity. My desire for Grace to be leader in the front line of Adamawa state affairs will be a much plus and yield a far fetched results than what is obtainable now. It’s beautiful to say that the business great Woman, the vibrant politician with much experience is far from whatever or any kind of primordial sentiments. My view is base on the objectivity of who she is. A historic philanthropist, and a true Democrat whose value system is God and humanity, selfless service to all on fairness, Justice, and all-inclusive government.

My readers will agree with me that the state moving with a protracted nature of underdevelopment, a phenomenon I know Folashade can tackle headlong, she will address it into massive infrastructural development, massive employment, wooing investors into the state because of her international connection with many world leaders. She will revive the Agricultural sector, boom the educational system, introduce a world standard health care system for people in rural communities and urban settlements. And above all she will galvanized the country and the state with perfect policies that will transform humanity.

Because of the glaring facts and political realities in Adamawa state, this is to gear up hope that the existing gaps of ineptitude will be better filled by Distinguished Senator Grace Folashade Jackson Bent, an erudite personality of our time. I’m on an appeal mission, Goggo Grace is the woman to beat, the real servant whose excellent potentials leadership abilities have never been properly tapped. Let my people from Adamawa Central Zone give her a home push, my central and Southern zone electorates to canvass for her because she is a woman that can pursuit a fulfill dream. My people from the Northern zone, I present to you hope for a better tomorrow, a gentlewoman of excellence, a down-to-earth personality who is a golden gift for Adamawa state.

My Adamawa people, I’m deeply convinced that SENATOR GRACE FOLASHADE JACKSON BENT will be a pillar to straighten the Democratic norms in the state in this 21st century globalized democracy. She is always a woman in action who you can buy her words at all times, “she doesn’t speak a CHANGE, But she makes a CHANGE by putting a plan in ACTION to assure People are all satisfied.

My concern and worry are about the state of affairs in the Land, It is seen, it is known we are a state with a vicious cycle of serious underdevelopment because of bad leadership for so many years .” Oh! Adamawa people who have bewitched us?” The gap between development and underdevelopment is wide, is big, it takes only a woman like Goggo to fill in the gap.

Here comes the gap, the Adamawa political scene is still being nurtured and breeds by many who seem to never satisfy the yearning and the burning desire of the electorates. With the gap in good leadership, this is a woman I see very much available for our dear state, nation to tap from her pool of wisdom, knowledge of administration, and her exceptional business and political career which she has inspired millions. Few leaders have indeed developed as many leaders from the ranks of their proteges as she has done. Her incredibly large and generous heart, political astuteness, and uncommon intellect have become the stuff of legend.

It is now a passionate appeal to the people of Adamawa State and well-meaning individual to compel the woman in the know of leadership, business and politics to fully participate in the coming 2023 general elections. It’s a clarion call to Grace, let her consider this Noble call to help in rebuilding our state that needs greater minds to contribute in making Adamawa state great and Nigeria an envious country in the world.

By Dan Garba
Opinion writer
Wrote this from Jimeta-Yola, Adamawa state.


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