Group to Finance Minister: Stop frustrating Nigeria’s economic recovery efforts


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The Arewa Progressives Assembly has cautioned Finance Minister Hajiya Zainab Shamsuna Ahmed to “desist from introducing bad economic policies that go contrary to the Federal Government’s intended economic stabilization measures”.

The group, which made this known in a press release and signed by Musa Ibrahim Barnawa and was issued on Friday, said there was no justification for the Minister’s “one-step-forward- two-steps-backward” policies she has been initiating so far.

“We are watching everything that is going on in the Finance ministry, including all the pretence by Minister and her extended family members working directly under her and we are disappointed because this was not the kind legacy her father left behind for Nigeria”.

“We are not persuaded by the appearance of innocence she is giving because we know that beneath that facade is a Finance Minister running policies that counter the Federal government’s general economic reform programmes”, ths group stated.
” We are also aware, from our available records, how much the Minister’s husband and children are taking advantage of her position and in some cases serving as fronts. We advise her stop this sabotage of Federal Government’s economic stabilization moves, or else we will petition President Muhammadu Buhari to take stern measures against her conduct, which amounts to backstabbing”, the group threatened.


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