Group to Northern and Southern elite: Get patriot as presidential candidate, end  media fight


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A group under the auspices of Senator Godswill Akpabio for Common Good(SGACG) has admonished the political elite from the North and South to “strive to find a common ground in the interest of peace and stability of the nation, ahead of 2023 presidential and other elections”.
This was contained in a communique issued  at the end a meeting of the group’s leadership in Kaduna on Tuesday and signed by the National Coordinator, Malam Jibril Tafida.
In an apparent response to the hot exchanges between Northern Elders Forum(NEF) and Southern Governors, the group noted that the bickering is avoidable once both camps would listen to one another and “give room for consensus  and sacrifice for the good of this nation, which is more important than having a President representing purely regional sentiment, because democracy is mainly about justice, peace, equity, brotherhood and the balancing of all contending  interests”, the group stressed. 
“Our position is that any move capable of accommodating  the best interest of either the Southern or Northern parts of this country  should be upheld and there should be no room for imposing the agenda of one part against the other. Both contending interests  are first  and foremost Nigerians, with equal stake in a peaceful nation not just in 2023, but for as long as Nigeria exists”, SGACG asserts in the communique.
The SGACG, in the communique, urged both the Northern  Elders and their southern counterparts to sheath their swords and settle for a bowl of national unity, stability and development by applying consensus, founded on wisdom. 
“Infact our eldestatesmen in the North and South  should intervene in this avoidable, heated disagreement over alleged imposition of 2023 presidential candidate and give democracy a chance. If, for the sake of stable 2023 consensus is reached, regarding the continuation of power rotation, which has been on since the era of President Obasanjo, there is no need for threats  and counter-threats as we are witnessing  today. There is the proposal of Nigeria’s next president coming from the South-south and if that can guarantee  national unity, peace and development,  what is the harm in that rotation, even  if it would be the only sacrifice needed to safeguard the future and strengthen the spirit of national unity and cohesion?” the communique queried.

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