2023 Presidency : North-East PDP Vanguard Insists On Northern Candidate
…Says PDP is Not APC  


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The People’s Democratic Party  (PDP) National Youth Vanguard North-East,Zone has also kicked against the muted idea by southern Governors for PDP to zone seat of the President to the South come 2023.

According to a Statement signed by Hon. Emmanuel W. Samuel, the Coordinator, PDP Youth Vanguard ,North-East Zone , the group said , ” We are PDP not APC. APC should go out to settle their moral issues with their southern counter part from the south.”

The statement also noted that “it is only rational and right for out great party to respect and obey the gentleman agreement for power to basically rotate between South and North .Any attempt to jettison this gentleman agreement would not only creat a crack in party but will also destroy the long time harmonious understanding within the party across Nigeria .”

The North-East PDP Youth group however, called on the Northern PDP Governors to remain steadfast and not allow what is happening in APC  to influence their thinking and judgement. 

The Statement further reads:  ” We are not unaware of a verified rumours that some PDP governors are working hand in hand with  some APC establishment to destroy the PDP.
” We assure  all and sundry that we are going to use  all powers within our disposal  to save the only national party in Niger.

“We call on all our teeming supporters across the country to remain calm.The interest of our party come 2023 is  to capture power.”

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria! Long live the people’s Democratic party!!



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