Adamawa APC Congress Went Sour as Ward Chair Suspended Over Delegates List


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….party threatens Court case against Njobdi for tempering with Mubi South LG Ward congress delegate’s list

A report of a disciplinary committee of the All Progressives Congress (APC) of Mubi South local government of Adamawa state has indicted Alhaji Njobdi Sali Kwaja and has suspended him from been the Chairman of the party of Kwaja ward.

The committee has found Alhaji Sali guilty of tampering with the delegate’s lists of Kwaja ward from the original lists and found his attitude condemnable under Article 21 A (xi) of the party guidelines.

The disciplinary committee chairman, Mohammed A Mbila in a letter of expulsion addressed to him and copied to APC state party chairman, APC North-East zone, Adamawa DSS, Adamawa Police said the suspension was slammed on him after Sali has failed to honor an invitation to defend himself over the allegations written against.

The letter of expulsion also recommended that Njobdi should also be prosecuted in a court of law as enshrined in article 21 A (xi) in the APC’s constitution.

“You are requested to hand over all items and properties belonging to this party in your possession to your vice chairman, Alhaji Khali Bubar, and await prosecution.” The letter read

The decision was taken after the executive meeting of all APC stakeholders of Mubi South Local Government held at the party office on 22-9-2021 and adopted the recommendations of the disciplinary committee over the alteration of Ward delegates lists by Aljaji Sali.


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