Sexual stimulants: Men inevitable journey to their early graves


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As we aged, our sexual drive significantly reduces. This is most noticeable in women after menopause. But as menopause is true in women so is andropause true in men. 
Andropause though not commonly mentioned but was coined from two Greek words “andras (human male)” and “pause (to stop, cessation)”. So, by definition andropause is a syndrome associated with a decline in sexual satisfaction or a reduction in the feeling of general well being as a result of low levels of testosterone in older men.
This literarily means that both men and women will all start to have potency issues as we reach certain age. But this age varies from one person to the other. So, it is common that when this occurs, especially in men, they resort to the use of sexual enhancement drugs to improve their performances between the sheets, so as to sexually satisfy their partner(s) and to remove the toga of being referred to as a lesser being by their sexual partner(s).
Sexual dysfunction in men is not only their inability to achieve erection but it includes a gamut of other signs and symptoms associated with the inability to achieve sexual intercourse. The list includes premature ejaculation, retrograde, retarded or inhibited ejaculation, orgasmic disorders, failure to return to calmness after sexual arousal, reduced libido and compulsive sexual behavior.
There are ample examples of sexual stimulants. Viagra (sildenafil) was the first pharmacologically approved medication to treat sexual dysfunction. Though researches into finding such pharmacological products predated Viagra by many millennia. These drugs are also called aphrodisiacs an adaptation from ëAphroditaeí, the name of the Greek goddess of love.
Aphrodisiacs are synthesized from plants animals or minerals. Many natural substances, though with little or no scientific evidence, like yohimbine, mandrake plant, rhinoceros horns and “Spanish fly” are being used as aphrodisiacs. So also are some food substances like strawberries, raw oysters, chocolate, coffee and honey are believed to have some aphrodisiac properties.
In Nigeria, carpolobia lutes, commonly called “poor man’s candle or “cattle stick” is commonly used to treat male erectile disorders and to ease birthing by traditional healers. It is called Egbooshunshunby the Yorubas, Angalagalaor Agba(Igbo), Ikpafun/Ndiyan/Nyayanga(Ibibio) and AbekpokIbuhu(Eket). Derivatives from this plant are also used to treat malaria, inflammation, arthritis and worm infestation.
Burantashi, a Hausa word meaning “penis get up”, is acommonly used powder by the Hausa-Fulani to treat erectile dysfunction. It is from the bark of the African tree Pausinystaliajohimbe. This powder is also commonly used to garnish a local delicacy called “suya’ in Nigeria. It’s active ingredient is the earlier mentioned alkaloid yohimbine. It is called agboidiagbonby the Yorubas.



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