Ghana: Dr. Maurice, others birth business leaders platform in African sub-region


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To revive the economy of many African countries, especially the West African region, Nigeria Dr. Maurice Vunobolk, I, and a host of others have formed a team to develop Africa by bringing it to the league of developed countries.

Maurice who is a development economist and a co-founder of the group said “the platform is kind of an ecosystem that admits Africans with string passion in Applied sciences, humanities, leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship and change tactics.”

The group of development economists is currently having an ongoing leadership meeting in Accra, Ghana brainstorming how to train African Youths in the area of entrepreneurship.

Emerging Africa’s Business Leaders and Innovation experts platform were birthed today as a group of emerging business leaders from the African sub-region who are strategic to launch out into the deeps of the world’s economy.

Vunobolki while having a telephone chat with a TGNEWS reporter said the core objectives of the platform are to exchange ideas and knowledge on how best to develop Africa bringing it to the league of developed continents of the World.

He also said the group is to enhance the capability of young Africans in areas and specialties listed above creating a synthetic synergy that would bring African investors together towards building big corporations in Africa.

“Members of the platform are to engage in developing their immediate communities, creating strong relationships among youths with like minds and coaching them on the importance of self-reliance and entrepreneurship thereby making them employers of labor,” Maurice said

Dr. Vunobolki continued to say; “the World is changing beyond human imagination, business and human needs are changing, the normal way of doing things is no longer able to provide solutions.

“Only those who are innovative, endowed with critical thinking can survive the new business regime. So we’ve got to train and coach our youths to meet up such challenges.”



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