2022: Our Unity in Diversity, a spirit of one Nigeria’ll make us overcome the scourge of insecurity – Bindow


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His firm belief in a one indivisible Nigeria designed by God has endeared him to send out a 2022 new year message to Nigerians of prayers, hope, and a better future.

The immediate past Governor of Adamawa state, Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla (Bindow) who gave out the message to this medium reiterated that the diverse nature of Nigeria in terms of tribes, religion, regions, and ethnic nationalities are blessings by God that can never be gotten elsewhere.

He said the diversities are what make Nigeria a unique, different country other than any country in the community of all nations.

According to him, the virtues are special gifts that if we’ll harness will be a benefit to the Nigerian populace.

The former Senator who had represented the people of Adamawa Northern Senatorial District in his 2022 new year message called on Nigeria to dwell in unity as one of the pivotal means of conquering underdevelopment and separatists, undue agitations.

He said if all Nigerians will cultivate a habit of imbibing a spirit of one Nigeria, unity of purpose the country will overcome the scourges of insecurity plaques the country in many parts.

He however said that Nigeria is a blessed country and stands stall in the league of many nations, urging everyone in the country to put on the spirit of a greater hope in 2022.

The former Governor has also urged the people of Adamawa to fervently pray for the coming 2023 election for God to provide state, the nation good leaders that will give selfless service to humanity.

“In 2022 Let’s value what we have, let’s cherish who we are, these are God’s uncommon blessings to only Nigeria, with these we can compete with any nation in the world. We are one, made different to serve one purpose in our diversity for the progress of our dear nation.

“I want to wish Nigerians a more blessed and productive 2022, especially the people from my dear state, Adamawa for the year to be more favorable to all of us.

” Let us all be optimistic and hopeful that the perils of 2021 will never follow any one of us to 2022, I pray that 2022 will give us peace,make us free from all forms of insurgents or insecurity of all sorts.

“Congratulations for seeing the end of 2021 and stepping up in gallant hope into 2022,” Bindow said


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