MACBAN,GAFDAN Laud KDSG over Plans to Gazette  Damau Mechanised Grazing Reserve 


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Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) and it’s counterpart Association Gan-Allah Fulani Development Association of Nigeria (GAFDAN) have commended Kaduna State Government on plans to gazette proposed Damau Mechanised Grazing Reserve in Kubau Local Government area.

The communique issued after a meeting of  the groups stated : “Our Association in collaboration with our Sister Association Gan-Allah Fulani Development Association of Nigeria (GAFDAN), Kaduna State Chapter have held a one day Ardos Conference on Thursday 3rd February, 2022 at Sultan Bello Mosque’s conference Hall Kaduna. 

The Communique jointly  signed by Alhaji Haruna Usman Tugga , Chairman MACBAN, Kaduna State  and Ardo Idris Gunduru , Chairman ,GAFDAN Kaduna State the groups  after  deliberations on the challenges facing the Fulani Pastoralists in Kaduna State and the way forward  resolved as follows:

” We appreciate the effort of Kaduna State Government on the Development of Grazing Reserves especially on the issue of Gazetting the proposed Grazing Reserve and the establishment of the DAMAU MECHANIZED GRAZING RESERVE in Kubau Local Government Area.

“This is the first of its kind in the Country if completed it will go a long way in boosting the socio economic Development of our teeming Fulani Pastoralists in the State as well as generating more Revenue to the state government as well as minimizing the security challenges facing the Fulani Herders in the State. 

We are appealing to the Kaduna State Government to as a matter of urgency look into the deplorable conditions of some Gazetted Grazing Reserves especially those of Gamagira Grazing Reserve in Soba Local Government Area, Kachia Grazing Reserve in Kachia Local Government Area and Gayan Grazing Reserve in Chikun Local Government Area among others.

“On the Stock roots and drinking point for the Herders in the State, we are requesting that the Government of Kaduna State to demarcate all the existing Cattle roots that pass through the State in order to minimize the Farmer/Herder clashes and as well as prevent Farmers from blocking Water Drinking Points in the State.

 “Our Associations are the total support of Government Policies and Programs on Agriculture and Livestock Sector, Education, Security, and Infrastructural Developments that are on-going in the State.

” In Educational Sector we are, requesting for the establishment of more Nomadic Schools and to build more class rooms in the existing Schools as well as to employ more Primary School Teachers in the Nomadic Primary Schools to ensure Quantitative and Qualitative Education at the Primary level. 

“We also appreciated the efforts of the Security Agencies on their fight against Cattle Rustling and Banditry in the State. However, we condemned the activities of some Security Agents in some Localities for unnecessary arrest of innocent Fulani Pastoralists on Market days in Kaduna State.

 “On the recovered Rustled Cows and other Domestic Animals in the State by the Security Agencies, normal procedures should be followed. Because we observe that there is a tactical exclusion of the Fulani Leaders in the process of handing over the covered animal to the rightful owners which should be corrected. Because no proper identification is being followed by the standing Committee. 

“We are appealing to the Federal and State Governments to look into the plights of the Fulani Herders whom are Victims of Cattle Rustling and Banditry in Kaduna State which rendered Thousands of them Homeless with no food to feed their Families because all their belongings have been destroyed and carted away by the Rustlers and Bandits. 
We are enjoying the Governments to as a matter of urgency to come to the aide of the said Victims. 

“We call on our Fulani members throughout Kaduna State to ensure that they are fully registered on the on-going Continue Voter Registration especially those that are of Age after the last General Elections, they should also obtained the National Identity Card as Citizens of the Nation”.  



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