Achievements of Islamic Republic of Iran at 43 Anniversary 


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By Majid Kamrani

The Islamic Republic of Iran is celebrating the 42nd anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution at a time when it has made great achievements in various political, social, and economic areas making it the greatest power in the region despite facing numerous sanctions by the so-called big powers. 

With the view to understanding the extent and importance of the developments and achievements made over the past 42 years, they are briefly discussed below.

Iranian Culture RevivedThe Islamic Revolution put an end to the evil promotion of the Western culture by the Pahlavi regime and replaced it with Islamic religiosity and spirituality. As rightly stated by the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei said, “The message of the Islamic Revolution is the message of spirituality, attention to spirituality and bringing the element of (Islamic) spirituality in human life.” 

Iran and Space Science

During the last 42 years, cultural activities of different essence have increased considerably indigenously Educated Manpower The number of schools and educational centers has increased considerably. While there were around 40 thousand schools in the pre-revolution era, this figure has increased to over 100 thousand. By the same taken, the number of students has increased to more than 15 million.

The Islamic Republic’s success in the field of education made UNESCO praise its efforts. Iran’s progress in higher education has been more than 11 times as compared to the pre-Islamic Revolution. Currently, there are 2570 universities in Iran with over 4 million university students.

Scientific growth in Iran has been so high that the country ranks 13 in the world. The speed of scientific growth has been 11 times more than the average global rate.According to the ISI report, the number of scientific papers after the Islamic Revolution had increased by more than 69 times in 2016. Another outcome of giving priority to science and research is the successes of Iranian teenagers in various scientific Olympiads.

Progress made in the Field of Medicine

Medicine is one of the indices of scientific progress of a country. Now:

➢ Ranks 17 in the world and first in West Asia.➢ Life expectancy in Iran, too, has increased to 77 years➢ the rate of infant mortality has gone down to less than 1%➢ first in the region and the fifth in the transplantation in the world➢ Second country after Italy in bone marrow transplantation ➢ Ranked 1st in the region in IVF research and infertility treatment➢ Ranked 4th in the world in the field of infertility treatments and obstetrics➢ Ranked 12th in dental treatments, especially cosmetic dentistry – among the top 10 countries in the world) based on the Middle East (in the field of cardiology)➢ Ranked 10th in the number of cosmetic procedures in the world➢ Ranked 1st in the Eastern Mediterranean in terms of screening, optometry and ophthalmology services➢ Ranked 27th among 200 countries in the field of neurology➢ Meeting the world standards in hair transplantation and restoration Research on stem cells began in the Royan Research Institute in 1990 and with the advancement made in this field the Islamic Republic of Iran is now considered one of the top nations and ranks 4th in Asia with regards to stem cells.

Iranian researchers have successfully applied this science in the transplantation of cornea, bone marrow, hematopoietic cells, and repairing of damaged cells of heart, bone, skin, eyes, and treatment of spinal ailments and some other diseases.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has the largest cord blood bank in West Asia and has taken big strides in genetics and ranks first in the region. Moreover, the Iranian scientists astounded the scientific circles in the world with the announcement of the birth of the first cloned sheep in 2009. Nanotechnology Progresses.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has succeeded to gain a high position and make great progress in this field and presently occupies the fourth position in the world in the field of Nanotechnology and nearly 180 companies are active in it. These companies have manufactured over 420 products with the usage of this modern technology. Approximately 35% of these products are related to laboratory and industrial equipment and others pertain to the medical field, textile, and construction.The Islamic Republic of Iran not only renders services of this technology to the Iranian people, but it also exports the products of Nanotechnology to 47 countries.

Advancement in Stem Cells

Nanotechnology renders great help in making more equipped apparatuses for better diagnosis. It has also helped make medicines more effective on the body and faster healing of the patient. Therefore, with the help of this technology, medicine reaches exactly the point that the physician desires and are not spread to the whole body.

This way of treatment is very significant in diseases like cancer. As for construction, various kinds of resistant materials, glasses that absorb ultraviolet rays, and sound-proof and firm pipes have been produced with the help of nanotechnology. It is also used for the improvement of agricultural and livestock works, purification of water, and production of resistant and completely flexible fibers.

The Islamic Republic of Iran entered this domain about two decades ago has attained colossal breakthroughs in it despite many sanctions, pressures, and obstacles illegally put in the way of its progress. The Islamic Republic is the 11th country that has achieved the technology of launching a satellite and the 8th country that has launched a satellite to the earth’s orbit. It is the only country in West Asia that has the capability of manufacturing satellites.

Atomic Energy
The western regimes, especially the US, have made many efforts to demonize Iran’s nuclear achievement in a bid to prevent its progress. This is despite the fact that Iran has done all its activities under the full supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The Iranian scientists succeeded in April 2006 to achieve the complete cycle of this technology to the astonishment of the world scientific circles.

They quickly increased the uranium enrichment to 3.5% and 5% despite cruel sanctions and pressures by the US and its European allies. Considering the refusal of these regimes to sell uranium with 20% enrichment for Tehran’s research reactor to be used for medical and industrial purposes, the Islamic Republic announced that it will carry out this complicated task independently and finally attained this great success in 2010.

Kamrani is the Head of  Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Nigeria


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