How APC will win Adamawa State in 2023- John Manassah


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…..says the Bindow factor is the final card and check for the party’s victory

By Tom Garba, Yola

The All Progressives Congress (APC) was placed in derision of failure in 2019 because of arch enemies that were brewed among its members, a crack at which the Party derailed supporters used to help in fallen it down for selfish reason, a cause that was no justifiable.

This is how John Manassah, an ardent supporter and card-carrying member of APC described the power tussle that played out among the party stalwarts in 2019 that led to the present condition of the party.

John who is from Madagali Local Government Area of Adamawa worried that those that degraded the party are still alive and perceive the same repeat of the turbulent game if the checks of party Supremacy are not observed above personal interest.

In his sense of honesty and forthright to counsel the party in the coming general election in 2023, John however revealed that his party (APC) seems to divide along so many parts and factions, he factored out ways the party can regain its lost glory.

He said the Halilu Modi camp, the Nuhu Ribadu, the Mohammed Umaru Jibrilla Bindow, the Abdulrazaks Namdas, Hajiya Aishatu Ahmed Binani, the Mustapha Umar Madawaki (Utumba), the Wafari Theman, and the Ahmed Musa are all factions that may later grow strong to place the party to bigger Internal squabbles. “Caution need to take”. He warned

Seeing and analyzing the strength and weaknesses of every aspirant and the advantages each has to the party, Manassah said that the truth remains the strongest pillar of victory when it’s being accepted by the general stakeholders of the party both within and outside Adamawa state will make the party win in 2023.

According to him, the Bindow factor holds the most possible outcome of success than any by the simple fact that he is the immediate past Governor who has his structure intact in all the political units that make up the entire State.

His calculation at the moment placed Bindow on the high last and final check card to bring the glory of APC back because supporters from the ward and local governments areas have begun to drum support for him.

” This is good sign and omen that his shining star is still shining gloriously.

“For you to know and understand a little of my analysis, if you recall how people from all works of life in thousands welcome him in Mubi since he left after the 2019 elections, you will realize that the Man still control and influence the political system of the state,” John said

He said Jibrilla is easy to take back to the masses as he need not much introduction or campaign for the party, and rallying around him by other aspirants will only push him to finish his remaining four years term as provided by the Nigerian constitution. It stipulated eight years for any politically elected officeholder to spend in office.

John who is one of the grassroots mobilizers for APC in 2019 made a passionate appeal to all critical stakeholders to unite for the regain of glory for the party. Saying that the unity of the party remains sacrosanct and the pre ultimate goal of winning the election.

He said when Unity in the party is ensured and the party gets Bindow as his sole candidate, It is going to be a work over for the party to victory because the political strength of Adamawa politics is still in APC, but the Political wizardry, tactics, and antics including manipulation is in Adamawa PDP.

“Truth be told, it’s the only light that will chase away our darkest paths, Bindow is the ultimate, as far as I’m concerned, he is the Matchless figure among all those that have shown interest to become Governor in our great party to match the present leadership in the state under PDP.

” If you want to go by bringing the glory of APC and win the 2023 election stress less, let the party unite, bring Bindow to fly the party gubernatorial ticket. But if the party wants to get back power the hard way which is not the only way, but the narrow and slimmer chance of winning the coming election, they should bring anybody other than Bindow.

“As I said it before in a real sense PDP is not an issue when it comes to state politics. But it’s a party to worry about because they have the government, the Governor is power-drunk to remain in power fielding a candidate that can’t match him in all aspects is like drumming a song of war without the weapons of war.

” As a passionate lover of APC, may I reiterated my calls to all party stakeholders, gubernatorial aspirants, women, and Youths of our great party to give unity a leading role to take us to a great victory in 2023 with Bindow as our guber candidate,” John said



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