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The leader of the forum Comrade Zubairu Mukhtar today expressed dissatisfaction over the unruly
attitude of the Mr Majeck Abidemi the Commandant of Akwa Ibom Command of the Nigerian Security
and Civil Defense Corp who has been abusing the power at his disposal.

The Commandant is now in the habit of arresting trucks especially that owned by Northerners.

He arrested a truck on 11th & 15th March, 2022 and requested 3 Million Naira to release each of the truck and also evacuated 2000 liters of from their tanks. All the illicit act is abated by DSC Michael Asibor and Mr Dele Andero his personal assistant. All the arrest made were illegally the Leader said.

Comrade added that interception and arrest of illegal bunkers is not in the jurisdiction of the Commandant
but the duty of the HOD Anti-Vandal.

Mr. Abidemi also made several threats that he wasn’t scared of the Commandant General as he has the backing of the Minister of Interior which our investigation revealed Comrade said.

Information reaching us indicates that the same commandant who should be a symbol of morality and mentor to his officers have derailed to the extent that he is always jumping from one club to another and

sometimes even organize parties within the command and we can say clearly that he has successfully
grounded the command comrade revealed.

He is in the habit of collecting bribes from civilians which evidence have been provided to us from people he has subdued to extort from.

We want to put it clear that the Akwa Ibom State Commandant is fighting the Commandant General of the NSCDC and also undermining his powers.

It is important to also note that the owner of the seized trucks doesn’t have anything to do with KK as they alleged Comrade Mukhtar buttressed and added that their investigation has shown that the KK he is hunting gives him (the commandant, DSC Michael and Mr Dele) 3 Million Naira frequently.
Comrade reiterated that more to their findings is that 2 months ago, Mr Dele siphoned 30,000 liters from
several trucks and collected 4 million Naira bribe before releasing the trucks which clearly indicated that he is an accomplist of the State Commandant.

The Commandant General has warn that no more monitoring team for operation of anti vandal but you have disrespected the CG’s order, he always says he has the ministers support.

On a final note, Comrade Mukhtar urged the Commandant General of the NSCDC to kindly call Mr.
Abidemi to order and direct that he adheres strictly to the rules and regulations guiding his operation and stop interfering into the anti-vadal unit activities, more so, stop the harassment of innocent business men because they are from the North or face legal action from us.



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