Bishop advances support for Ribadu’s aspirations to be Adamawa’s next Gov


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…..says the ex corruption czar fighter is the best Man with the idea to bring the desired change for the people

Ex corruption Czar who was the pioneer Chairman of the Economy and Financial crimes commission (EFCC), Mallam Nuhu Ribadu was extolled to be a Man with extra ability that will bring the desired change in developing Adamawa State.

The Presiding Bishop of Church in Grace International, aka, freedom Cathedral Numan, Rev Hebron Christopher Nzonzou said Nuhu is the only man that has what it takes to serve the people of Adamawa well.

Hebron said this when they had an interface discussion with Honourable Chubado Tijjani Bappi alongside other Christian friends in Yola.

According to him, Nuhu Ribadu is innocently being blackmailed by politicians in Adamawa state who are uncomfortable with his political growing profile for no reason.

He said the intimidating Profile of the corruption fighter made politicians with shallow thinking to be spreading fake news against Nuhu, propagating campaigns of calumny against him, labeling him a politician with religion and tribal sentiments.

Hebron said Nuhu’s leadership acumen and talent are beyond description as it has extended to international communities, making it easy for him to bring massive development to the people of Adamawa state.

“I was privileged to meet with Nuhu, since that day my perception changed about him, I see him as a lover of humanity irrespective of religion or tribe, Nuhu is truly not what people think, he is a laude cum Man with a personality of selfless service to humanity, especially the people of Adamawa State.

” I’m now one of Ribadu’s people canvassers, I love my State and the person to work for the state better is Mallam Nuhu Ribadu,

“One thing I know, Nuhu is a nice Man, he can not be a fanatic though a devote Muslim, his exposure in life have sharpened him to be Man with better understanding what is life and humanity. So it is just a business of idle politicians with nothing offer going around with fake news against this great Nigerians.

” Our eyes are opened and see, know and understand who is Nuhu, he is an excellent Man , a good Man for the people of Adamawa to push him become the next Governor ” Hebron said

Christopher enjoined the people of the state never to accept any form of a campaign of calumny against Nuhu, and made a passionate call to the Christian community to see him as the Man with saving ability and to rescue the state.

Chubado in a response to the visit that was supposed to be a familiarization encouraged them to pray for Adamawa and God to bring to the people of the state a good.

Tijjani said leadership is a trust, the virtues of trust can be seen in Nuhu who has a clean record while an EFCC chairman.

“Don’t be deceived by politics of religion or tribe and other primordial issues. All About politics is interest, go by that interest to get a benefit that will improve your life.” Chubado said.



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