Adamawa South Senatorial Zone: The red line of not supporting Sen Moallayidi, it’s the danger confronting APC to dead


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It has already been seen that Adamawa All Progressives Congress (APC) is trading in a political murky ground, it is set to fail in producing a marketable politician to fly the party’s ticket in the Adamawa Southern Senatorial zone.

The controversies that are trailing the APC party may likely rock it down if the surrounding circumstances will not feature Senator Ahmad Moallayidi Abubakar as the flag bearer of the party, then APC is settling for a huge and gross failure.

The political indicators have directed that the nine local government areas comprising Toungo, Ganye, Jada, MayoBelwa, Demsa, Numan, Lamurde, Guyuk, and Shelleng are calling on Ahmad, the former Senator in the nation to have represented the zone from 2015 to 2019 to do it again. He is the child of necessity that will bring success in APC way come 2023 if the party in Adamawa will tour along that thought of reasoning.

The performance of Ahmad while a senator is without measure and without mincing words, he worked the work for humanity. He remains a beacon of pride to the entire people of Adamawa Southern zone to this end. A hope and a beam of defense of the APC Party in the state.

But It is however worrisome to know and realize that the feats, records, and indelible legislative services he rendered to the nation and by extension the people of Adamawa South are not being appreciated by the party.

Ahmad was a star Senator during his days in the 8th Assembly Senate chambers. He has passed many bills, some have been translated to laws, and his motions and contributions on the floor of the house are today being used as the pillars that are contributing to the development of the Nation.

Ahmad was a shining star. He has achieved a lot in many areas that today are being described as the work of hero from the land of beauty (Adamawa). A leader par excellence, he is a party man and a grassroots Mobilizer whose local politics has distinguished him as a Man with exceptional leadership qualities and decked with a passion to serve humanity.

During his days as the Senator of the federal republic representing Adamawa South district. One of his notable and unique style of leadership is his salient ways of touching the lives of hundreds of people in manifolds. He empowered women and Youth in thousands, he secured job opportunities for hundreds of many others. He is a celebrity to date who has endeared himself in the heart of his people.

A Man with these shining records whose Adamawa communities are seeing him as an idol of good stewardship, a Man with unforgettable records of achievements APC is trading away in Adamawa state.

APC in Adamawa, many political pundits have disdained the party to lack a simple analysis of the political games of winning elections. Lacking the skill and goodwill to allow someone like Senator Moallayidi is the evil that kills the party in the southern zone, if not the entire state.

The recent controversies that trailed the party’s primaries to decide its flag bearer among six contenders have placed APC in the dungeon of life and death. Among the other five aspirants, Ahmad stands up with the rod of deliverance, if it is not him with a ticket, the party is set on the verge of not winning the election. It is good for the party to give the ticket to a Man that knows the road and the crooked path to winning the election. It’s in record,Ahmad is capable of following the winning game to the end. It’s a party and stakeholders support that will make the party get its footing of breakthrough again. Else it will still be the story of the gods.

Amidst varying degrees of indecisions by the party to do the right thing to the benefit of all party members in the Southern zone, it becomes their red line and a hard core decision. Failure to take the good decision on the man of Ahmad to salvage the party, this will be the danger that will follow APC to dead in 2023.

Ahmad is a Man who has immensely paid his dues for the party. He served the party diligently and well as a founding member, he knows well how the system operates and how to attract better things for the people because he understands the value change in the party’s system.

I’m calling on the APC at the National level not to gamble with the ticket by allowing people who do not have the political muscles and wherewithal to win the election. Experience count, they say. Ahmad is a thorough-based politician whose knowledge is to bring a winning to the threshold of the APC family.

Filibus Gangwi
Is a political analyst
Lives in Gurum’s poem, Ganye.
Adamawa State and this opinion


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