Well-meaning Nigerians chart a good course for Ezekiel to be Tinubu’s Vice President


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…..says the country needs a Man intelligent enough to fight insecurity,poverty

The hope of Nigerians getting a good running mate to Chief Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu has come to fruition when intellectuals and strategists had a crucial meeting in Abuja and agreed to chart a good course for High Chief Ezekiel Irmiya Afukonyo to be the next Vice President of the country.

Nigerians cutting across all strata of life and from six geopolitical zones comprising of Rtd Generals, Academic and high-ranking politicians and All Progressives Party founding members, serving and none Senators has today met in Abuja and path finds ways to sell Ezekiel as the most sellable Candidate.

In their separate submission, they have observed that North East of the six geopolitical zones should be the area to bring a vice president to the party.

They have also observed that the Muslim-Christian ticket is ideal for the party and in the interest of national inclusion, cohesion, unity, peaceful corporate existence, and social justice.

The high-ranking Nigerians said they must strategize on behalf of Afukonyo because is a perfect Nigerian that can bridge the gap and close up the loopholes in the interest of all Nigerians said they are ready to consult widely for his consideration.

The meeting was also more of a calling to the All Progressives family and Tinubu to never give a deaf ear to the choice of Irmiya.

The Taraba-born politician in his speech said the APC party has been his party of choice since its inception and played significant roles in contributing to its growth and successes with Mohammadu Buhari as a sitting President.

He said his pedigree and his broad-based knowledge in contributing to the country’s intelligence for many years have already made him a strategic Man for the job.

He said Nigerians need a Man of his type who loves the country and the party and that his wealth of knowledge will be dished out for the country’s development.

He told the high-ranking Nigerians that is an honor to have them around, thinking well for him and the nation at this point that the APC is considering a running mate for Bola.

According to him he can see a future for the country and the generation yet an unborn child with Tinubu as the President and having as the vice president.

“My experience in life in fighting out poverty and insecurity is the hallmark that Nigerians needs in salvaging the ugly situation that has bedevils the country.

“I’m grateful to you for having me as one of the good Nigerians that will serve the country in 2023.” Ezekiel said.

In few days to come Nigerians are anxious to hear the vice president of prominent political parties like APC, PDP and others to set the row call of their running mates. It is hopeful that Ezekiel’s name will be mentioned for the noble assignment.



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