Adamawa Lawyer Sets Man free after 8 yrs of imprisonment over case of culpable homicide


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By Tom Garba, Yola

Adamawa based Lawyer, Barrister Gabriel Adikwu has set Mr Enoch Gabiribau free who was accused of culpable homicide eight years ago.

Barrister Adikwu and his team were invited to take up his matter probono because he couldn’t afford to pay a lawyer to defend him.

Gabriel said the took up the case after they found out that He is being accused of Culpable Homicide purnishable with Death.

Accused Enoch was arraigned before Her Lord Honourable Justice Hafsat Abdulrahman of High Court number 1 Yola, Adamawa state.

He revealed that Enoch arraignment took the prosecution about 8 years to call their witnesses and to closed their case during whichGabirisibau remained in prison custody.

“At the close of the case of the prosecution, my team & l opted to make a no-case submission on the ground that the prosecution have not made out any prima facie case against the Defendant for which he will be called upon to enter his defence.

“This submissions of ours was equally responded to by the prosecution and my Lord Honourable Justice Hafsat Abdulrahman in a well considered judgement delivered on the 30/06/2022 agreed with our submissions that a prima facie case has not been made out against the Defendant and accordingly discharged Mr Enoch Gabirisibau.” Adikwu said

He continued to say that the court under the supervision of of Hafsat has set free him after Eight long years in prison custody.

“Mr. Enoch Gabirisibau is a free man. Before he left my team and l had the privilege of counselling him to be of good behavior and to stay completely away from crime and criminality we hope and pray he heed our counsel and find a place / acceptance among his people and the society at large.

Gabriel while appreciating H. A Philip Esq and H. P Marcus Esq of Gabriel Adikwu & Co. ( Elo-heem Chambers) Yola, Nigeria for their relentless efforts to set Enoch free, he said the services is offered in line with the principles of law profession- being a voice to the voiceless and secure judgement for the deserve under the Constitution of Nigeria.



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