Jami Al Hakeem partners Malala Fund to break barriers that impede enrollment of girl child education in Adamawa


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By Tom Garba, Yola

In a bid to support the world outcry for the enrollment of girl-child education in developing countries of Africa, Nigerian-based Non Governmental organization (NGO), Jami Al Hakeem Foundation partnered with the Malala fund to encourage education of girls children in Adamawa state.

The organization on Tuesday in a day workshop invited stakeholders in Adamawa where the Jami Al Hakeem founder, Hasiya Nyako reiterated the organization aim is to break barriers that impede the girl child’s access to education.

Hasiya discussed the participation of girl child in school with the traditional rulers, civil society organizations, officials of the Adamawa state government, and religious leaders.

Nyako who was the chairperson of the workshop said that the invitees are state and non-state actors that will be useful in getting a solution to what is impeding girls’ child education in Adamawa state.

She said her organization is also aiming at getting a solution to the problem hindering the education of female children in Nigeria.

While addressing journalists in her Yola office, Hajiya Hasiya said the Foundation which received support from Malala Fund is seeking solutions using experts, and resource persons by also factfinding through researching the girl child enrollment in education, especially at primary schools levels.

“Today, the meeting with the stakeholders is going to be a discussion that will bring solution and understand what is happening to our communities and the education as it relates to a girl child,” Hasiya said

As a passionate supporter of girl-child education, Mrs. Nyako said her motivation is to bridge the gap in girl-child school enrollment.

She said her partnership with Malala Fund is to encourage girl child education which is over the years noted to be very low in many communities in northern Nigeria, Adamawa state inclusive.

“We want to allow our girls in the future participation of community development and nation-building, we are encouraging them to be leaders like any other women who are leaders around the world.

The organizer emphasized that the workshop is to tell stakeholders that the NGO wants to increase the attendance of the girl child, enrollment, retention, and up to the completion of her school.

” We want women to have a role in the society, who are participating in community development, women who are Doctors, teachers, nurses, and Engineers who are meaningful and positively contributing to the growth of our communities,” Nyako said



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