Kaduna: APC group hits PDP, says opposition no licence for pedestrian propaganda


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By Femi Adi

The Uba Sani Campaign Monitoring and Consultative Committee (Uba Sani CMCC) has reacted to the remark by the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) spokesman alleging sharing of money by the All Progressives Congress governorship candidate( APC) Senator Uba Sani, saying, PDP is desperate and resorting to politics of calumny.

“It obvious that the Kaduna State PDP, which has no record of performance to market their candidate has resorted to cheap blackmail against our governorship candidate in person of Senator Uba Sani”, the group stated.

The group said for PDP, which throughout the years it wasted in power, literally entrenched godfathers, money politics, vote-snatching, vote-buying, and all negative traits in political dictionary to now suggest that APC is involved in such malfeasance, speaks volumes of its desperation and frustration.
“The APC does not have the need to attempt any malpractice in view of its records of performance in the state in the last seven years. Rather it’s the PDP that is desperate to sell a dummy to the people.

“Completely out of relevance, out of fashion and unwanted by the people, the PDP in Kaduna State ought to bury its face in shame after leading the state to the brink of decadence, decay and near irrelevance during the years it held power.

“They should therefore know that no amount of pedestrian propaganda, disemination of fake and false information, desperate criticism, frustrated mischief, fetishist untruth and make-belief will ever return it to relevance or diminish the achievements of the APC”, the Group said in a statement signed by its Chairman, Honorable Muktar Maude, Secretary Yusuf Lawal and made available to newsmen in Kaduna by Nasir Dambatta, its Special Adviser on Media.

They noted that Senator Uba Sani has performed creditably as Senator and has proven himself a worthy people’s representative and reminded the PDP attack dogs to take up issues for intellectual debate rather than relying on the deceptive lies it used in the past.

“For the record, it is important to point out that the APC in Kaduna State has achieved unprecedented strides in infrastructure, boosted education, enhanced job creation, good pension payments policy, with revenue generation records that has beaten some Nigerian oil producing states to second place.

“This is in sharp contrast to whatever they think their unpolished candidate – Isa Ashiru, can offer without any blueprint on roads, schools, hospitals, safety of the people, job opportunities or start-up capital for SMEs” the Group said.


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