PDP Group Blasts Members Undermining Gov. Wike’s Influence ,Power


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…We Stand by all He Represents

Group under aegis of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Youth Vanguard, has condemned party members,who are undermining the power and influence of Rivers State Governor, Barrister Nyesome Wike in the Party .

According to the group, it is not only counterproductive,but also dangerous for some few selfish members of PDP to consider the Governor as a nobody now, because he lost primaries.

The PDP youth, who stated this in a press statement made available to journalists today empathetically maintained that “Those thinking Governor Wike is nobody in PDP are just mere jokers”who are not interested in the party winning elections,but what they get for personal aggrandisement “.

The statement signed by Honourable Ibrahim Ahmadu also explained , “As concerned members of the party ,we decided to come out and speak with a strong voice against these saboteurs, who are possibly working for the ruling ruling party ,APC underground.

“For us, we want to empathetically state that we are solidly behind Governor Wike ,because of his resolute character on matters and position about winning elections and party supremacy.”

The group however asked ,” Where were they when Wike was fighting for the survival of the party after the ruling party,APC took over power and his immense contributions to growth and development of our great party?

“Unfortunately ,these are same crops of people and politicians who enjoyed the good will of Wike enviable leadership.”

“It is worthy of note that it is the same people from Rivers State that benefited immensely from Wike’s government will come all the way from Rivers to Abuja to join forces with saboteurs .

“We are urging all stakeholders of the party to rise up and go beyond media rhetorics to ensure genuine reconciliation between Atiku and Wike ahead of the general elections.”

However, the PDP group advised former Vice President and PDP Flagbearer ,Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to be very careful with those it described as “Saboteurs” ,who are nothing, but spoilers within the ranks of the party .

It stressed,” These are elements ,who can’t contribute anything to the party .They are people who also can’t deliver their polling units .So, Atiku should be very careful with such characters.

“We believe Wike will work for Atiku’s victory as a democrats and an individual passionate about progress and development of Nigeria.”

Meanwhile , it urged Governor Wike to sheath sword and support the generation of the upcoming soldiers of PDP to work for the victory of the party during the forthcoming 2023 general elections across Nigeria .


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