Kaduna Governorship: APC Primaries Runner-up backs Uba Sani


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By Femi Adi

The Kaduna State All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate, Senator Uba Sani, seems galloping closer to victory at the polls, with the solidarity and support he garners daily from his co-contenders at the party primaries and other party henchmen in the state.

Most-notable of such support and solidarity came on Saturday from Assistant Comptroller of Customs and runner – up in the governorship primaries, Alhaji Bashir Abubakar, who has resolved to partner with Senator Sani to ensure he wins at the polls.

“He made a commitment to forge a strong partnership with me and to make his time and resources available to ensure our victory in the 2023 polls,” Senator Sani told newsmen after his meeting with Bashir Abubakar.

“This is exemplary and must be emulated by all true and loyal party men and women,” he noted, explaining, “Once an intra – party contest is over, we must close ranks and forge ahead in the interest of the party and our people,” adding that “The interest of our people must at all times be uppermost in our minds.”

He expressed profound appreciation to Alhaji Abubakar for the show of solidarity and support while resolving to commit his time and resources towards Senator Uba Sani’s victory at the governorship election.

“I want to also thank Alhaji Abubakar for his remarkable service to Nigeria,” Senator Sani continued, adding that he left indelible marks in the Customs Service.

He said he would need Abubakar’s experience and skills in “the committment to and conduct of public service when he becomes governor, to build on the worthy legacies of our mentor and leader, Governor Nasir El-Rufai.”


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